AUTOART - PORSCHE - 928 1977

Scale: 1/18
Carmodel code: CAR50237
Manufacturer code: 77905
Colour: RED
Material: die-cast
Year: 1977

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The 928 is part of that generation of front-engined Porsches that between the seventies and eighties joined, without ever replacing it, the everlasting 911 range. Between the 924, 944 and 928, the latter was undoubtedly the most extreme. In production since 1977, the 928 was characterized by a powerful V8 which was developed in various versions. Technologically advanced, the 928 had doors and other aluminum panels to reduce weight. The engine of the base 928 (1977-1982) developed 240 horsepower, but already in 1980 Porsche introduced the 928S model, with sixty more horsepower, obtained thanks to the increase in engine capacity from 4474 to 4664cc. The S remained in production until 1986. Between the late eighties and the nineties, then, the 928 had other even more sophisticated and powerful versions: the 928 GT (4957cc, 330 horsepower), the 928 S4 (4957cc, 320 horses) and finally the 928 GTS which closed the history of the 928, in production from 1992 to 1995, with a 5397cc and 350 horsepower engine. The 928 was homologated in Group B and was seen sporadically on track, where, however, the 930 Turbo was a better alternative.

By David Tarallo

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