Scale: 1/43
Carmodel code: CAR176217
Manufacturer code: BBRC236O
Colour: BLACK
Material: resin
Year: 2019
EAN: 8059037270025

Availability: not available
Vat Inc. 174.95
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Can the Ferrari Rome really be considered - as someone says - the distant descendant of the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso or the 250 GT 2 + 2? Difficult to say. Of course, the line is quite disconcerting and if you remove the Ferrari badges it would be difficult to guess that it is a Ferrari. The Roma can be considered Portofino's coupé counterpart, born to face a competition consisting of Porsche 911 Turbo, McLaren GT, Aston Martin DB11 or Mercedes AMG GT. Equipped with the 3855cc biturbo V8 engine (the nostalgics of the V12 perhaps did not take it well), the Rome resumes the mechanics of the Portofino, albeit with some improvements. The 620 HP are in any case quite many, and at least the numbers should make this Rome an authentic Ferrari.

By David Tarallo

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