Scale: 1/24
Carmodel code: CAR159371
Manufacturer code: BU21103R
Colour: RED
Material: die-cast
Year: 1984
EAN: 4893993015283

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With the 190 (W201 series), Mercedes took a first concrete step in the direction of the more economical segments. At its presentation, which took place in December 1982, there were not few criticisms of a car that appeared too “poor”. In reality, the 190 possessed all the characteristics of a Mercedes, first of all the build quality. Initially available as 190 (90 horsepower) and 190E (122 horsepower), the W201 subsequently received other engines, including diesel (190D 2.5 in 1985, 2.5 Turbo Diesel in 1986). In 1988 a restyling was introduced and in February 1993 the car went out of production. The sporting versions of the W201 are remarkable and do deserve a separate feature.

By David Tarallo

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Mario Besana, who had already founded Mebetoys and Martoys, began producing model cars under the Bburago brand in Burago di Molgora near Milan in 1976. The first models were in 1:24 but Burago also tried other avenues, such as Formula 1 in 1:14, classic sports cars in 1:18, also reaching the 1:43 sector with products that were always very affordable. Burago production between the end of the '70s and throughout the '80s was exterminated: with models that marked an era (just think of the Ferrari 250 TR or the F40, both in 1:18), and which have remained in the memory of at least two generations of collectors and enthusiasts. In the 1990s the company lost its dominant position on the 1:18 model market and in 2005 it painfully closed. Shortly afterwards Burago was taken over by competitor Maisto. Now in China, under the name Bburago, a wide range of die-cast models in various scales continues to be produced. Since 2015, Bburago has held the license for the diecast production of contemporary Ferraris.