Masstab:: 1/43
Carmodel Code: CAR136969
Hersteller Code: ATC12008
Farbe: RED
Material: Harz
Jahr: 1959
Anmerkung: LIMITED 333 ITEMS

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Worship of an exceptional One After World War II and under the lead of General Franco, Spain expedited its aim of a self-sufficient economy. This affected almost all branches of economy and therefore also the automotive industry. For the manufacture of trucks the state-owned factory ‘Empresa nacional autocamiones sociedad anonima’ better known as ‘ENASA S.A.’ was founded. The production based on the shortly after war taken over production of ‘Hispano Suiza’ and its model ‘66 G’, that was now marketed under the name PEGASO on the domestic market. In 1954 a 140-hp-strong diesel engine was included into the range which allowed the acceleration to a top speed of almost 80 km/h. In this time also many fire departments were equipped with new emergency vehicles. Basically all fire-fighting vehicles were obligatory fitted with a closed driver’s cabin – except one! It is not known what exactly moved the company ‘Mining Metallurgical Society’, based in the Sierra Morena, to order a special truck that differed so much from the conventional fire trucks and had nothing to do with the series production vehicle. Probably the simple wish to own a turntable ladder to reach the towering boilers of the factory was the reason. It might be also possible that this was also the reason to go most widely without an extensive car body. There are two possible reasons for this: The first is that the fire truck was only used on the company premises and therefore did not need to meet the rules and regulations of the vehicle registration center and the second is that it is - linked to pragmaticism – easier and considerably faster to reach the rear end with its turntable ladder through an driver’s cab that was open towards the rear. A valuable time saving as no entering and leaving of the vehicle was necessary.

By David Tarallo

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AutoCult was founded in early 2015 by a group with years of experience in the car modeling industry. The brand is dedicated to the creation of now forgotten cars, which stand out for their shape or their innovative construction. The attention is not limited to the model model alone, but the story behind each car is also highlighted and told to collectors. The models are handcrafted in resin, with a limited run of 333 examples. At the end of each year autocult publishes a book containing all the detailed and illustrated stories of the models released. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of classic modeling, the company can create models without the aid of CAD.