Masstab:: 1/43
Carmodel Code: CAR51939
Hersteller Code: R296-CH
Farbe: RED
Material: Die-Cast
Jahr: 1965
EAN: 8020677020769

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When the new 1.5-liter engines were introduced in Formula 1 in 1961, Ferrari went through one of the most glorious moments of that era, making the Drivers' title his own with the American Phil Hill and at the same time the one reserved for the Manufacturers. Yet in the next two seasons the Maranello cars did not manage to stand up to competition from BRM and Lotus. In a span of two years the Maranello company achieved only one victory with John Surtees, who in 1963 won the Nürburgring circuit. In that same year the 156 "aero" was brought to the debut in the Monza race, which was nothing but a prototype of the Ferrari 158, then built by the engineer Mauro Forghieri to better host the new V8 90 ° engine of 1489, 23 cm³. The debut of the Ferrari 158, in the Syracuse Grand Prix of '64 not valid for the world championship, translated into a first and second place, respectively with Surtees and Lorenzo Bandini. With this car the Englishman then conquered two other successes in that same year, in the Grand Prix of Germany and Italy. This earned him however the title for a single point of advantage over Graham Hill and eight against Jim Clark and Ferrari the success between the brands. The latest events in the United States and Mexico are decisive, where the Maranello car sports an unusual blue and white livery under the colours of the North American Racing Team. A decision that Ferrari took in protest against the Italian federation for the problems it had with the homologation of the 250 LM.

By David Tarallo

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