BRUMM - FIAT - 127 1 SERIES 3-DOOR 1972

Masstab:: 1/43
Carmodel Code: CAR140568
Hersteller Code: R605-02
Material: Die-Cast
Jahr: 1972
EAN: 8020677026396

Verfügbarkeit: sofort
MwSt. inbegriffen 30.00
Tauschrate: *

In April 1971, a new important Fiat model made its debut, the 127. Destined to replace the 850, it represented a milestone in the history of Fiat, also in commercial terms: in May 1974 the millionth model was produced. Mechanically, the 127 adopted the scheme introduced in 1964 with the Autobianchi Primula and spread in 1969 with the Fiat 128. The engine was a 903cc 4-cylinder (type 100GL000). In the spring of 1972, a second version of the 127 was presented at the Geneva Motor Show, equipped with a tailgate (and no longer a trunk opening) and a folding seat. The 127 first series remained in production until 1977.

By David Tarallo

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