MCG - MERCEDES BENZ - E-CLASS 260E (W124) 1984

Masstab:: 1/18
Carmodel Code: CAR165313
Hersteller Code: MCG18411
Farbe: BLUE
Material: Die-Cast
Jahr: 1984
EAN: 4052176420423

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It was not an easy task for Mercedes to replace the glorious W123. After a long development, Mercedes presented the new W124, the result of a series of researches that had gone through the smaller 190 and the top class W126. The W124 had a long life with a series of different engines and configurations. At the beginning clients complained about some quality shortcomings but Mercedes quickly acted to recover the W123 standards. The W124 was well ahead for its times, with an extensive use of electronics and advanced technologies.

By David Tarallo

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MCG is a German brand that specializes in the production of 1:18 diecast models, with a particularly advantageous quality/price ratio. The subjects are very varied and also include racing cars that no other brand had yet reproduced in 1:18. There are also some Formula 1 models in the range. The MCGs do not have opening parts but are quite detailed.