Masstab:: 1/12
Carmodel Code: CAR146418
Hersteller Code: 127512
Material: Die-Cast
Jahr: 1973
EAN: 3551091275121

Verfügbarkeit: nicht verfügbar
MwSt. inbegriffen 139.95
Tauschrate: *

The Carrera RS 2.7 was the extreme version of the 911 that Porsche conceived for a high-performance touring car and for a potential race winner. The model was officially available in 1973 and was offered in various configurations, from a more civilized version to some more extreme almost-racing cars. In pure racing trim, the RS was a success, winning some major endurance competitions in Europe and in the USA. An even more performing version came with an enlarged 2.8, named the Carrera RSR.

By David Tarallo

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Norev is one of the most famous brands in the automotive industry. Founded by Joseph Véron in Villeurbanne near Lyon in 1946, it began producing car models in 1953. At the beginning the models were made of plastic, in 1:43 and 1:86 scale. From the late 1960s, die-cast models were also made mainly in 1:43. In the 70s and 80s, production continued with ups and downs, also moving to various countries around the world with the same Norev brand but also with other brands. Several Eligor and Vitesse models of that period were based on older Norevs. Norev models were originally quite cheap, but from the 1990s the company began to target the collectors' market with improved re-editions of old models and unreleased subjects. From 2002 onwards, Norev, which moved production to China, also made newsstand models for publishers such as Hachette and Atlas. In 2007–2008 Norev introduced re-issues of the 1950s CIJ and Spot-On models and temporarily tried to revive the Provence Moulage range of 1:43 resin models. Today Norev is more active than ever, with a wide choice of 1:43, 1:18 and smaller scale diecast models, with a very interesting quality-price ratio.