Masstab:: 1/18
Carmodel Code: CAR143066
Hersteller Code: 187628
Material: Die-Cast
Jahr: 1970
EAN: 3551091876281

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MwSt. inbegriffen 64.95
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At the end of the 60s Porsche introduced the injection to modernize the 911 but also to allow it even better performance. The 911E (“E” for “Einspritzung”, German for injection) replaced the 911L in 1968 without any notable cosmetic changes. The double body carburettors were replaced by a Bosch mechanical injection which allowed the 911 to gain in elasticity. Power went from 130 to 140 horsepower, on the classic 1991cc 6-cylinder. The body was of the long wheelbase type, and the car was equipped as standard with air suspension, offered as an option on the 911T and 911S. Production ceased in 1969, with only 2826 examples made.

By David Tarallo

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