Masstab:: 1/18
Carmodel Code: CAR167974
Hersteller Code: B66961108
Material: Die-Cast
Jahr: 2023
EAN: b66961108

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The EQE, based on the EVA II platform, is placed in the Mercedes range below the EQS. The EQE comes in the form of a 4-door coupe. The range is quite varied: the basic model is the 300, with a power of 245hp; then we move on to the 350, the 350 4matic and the 500. There are also sports models branded AMG, the 476hp 43AMG 4Matic and the 625hp 53AMG 4Matic.

By David Tarallo

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NZG was founded by Gerhard Schmid and Betty Hauer in Nuremberg in 1968. The company specializes in diecast models of construction vehicles, in 1:50 scale, but also in 1:25 and 1:87. In the late 1970s, NZG began to collaborate with Mercedes. NZG increased its popularity in the 1980s, when, after an agreement with Porsche, it reproduced all the contemporary models of the Stuttgart company, with the original colours, opening parts and a good level of fidelity. NZG subsequently concentrated on commercial vehicle models. Since 2017, 1:18 scale diecast models have also been part of the range; the 1:12 scale, which is increasingly successful, has also been added to the catalogue.