Masstab:: 1/43
Carmodel Code: CAR158491
Hersteller Code: S2330
Material: Harz
Jahr: 1971
EAN: 9580006923301

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Compared to the previous versions, the 03 configuration of the Porsche 908 was completely new from the point of view of the chassis: a very light structure, provided with an open body, just as light. The engine was the well-known three-liter 8-cylinder. The 908/03 was used for the first time in 1970, demonstrating remarkable competitiveness at the 1000km of the Nurburgring and at the Targa Florio. In 1971 the car was further developed and was still used at the Nurburgring and the Targa Florio. At the end of the year some chassis were sold to privateers; in particular, a couple of cars had a very long career, adopting different engines (including turbo charged units) and continuing to race until the early eighties.

By David Tarallo

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In the history of static modeling, Spark has truly revolutionized the market. The brand was created by Hugues Ripert, whose father André had been one of the main contenders of the artisanal modeling scene in the 70s and 80s. After working for Vitesse, Quartzo and Ixo, Ripert jr did not choose the diecast technique but opted for resin, with production in China but development and conception strictly in the European tradition. In practice the idea was to offer special models built in small series (what were later called "resincast"). The first Sparks were released in 2000, with a quality-price ratio unapproachable for most industrial and artisanal producers. Today Spark continues to churn out dozens of new products a year, having also expanded its production to other scales, such as 1:18 but also 1:64. There are numerous numbered and limited series for the various national distributors and for private customers such as teams, sponsors, drivers and so on.