Masstab:: 1/24
Carmodel Code: CAR165311
Hersteller Code: WB124152
Material: Die-Cast
Jahr: 1982
EAN: 4052176757437

Verfügbarkeit: nicht verfügbar
MwSt. inbegriffen 27.95
Tauschrate: *

After the appearance of the 5 TX in 1974, Renault developed a racing career for this small car, beginning with the monomake series, where the 5 had replaced the 12 Gordini. By 1977 the R5 Alpine Cup had come and in 1982 the R5 Alpine Turbo ensured another technical step to the series. Before that, the 5 Alpine had also been developed in a Group 2 version, that made its debut in 1978, when it clinched a Group 2 win at the Monte Carlo and at the Bandama Rally. The Group 2 version was put aside in 1980, Renault having developed the Group 4 version of the central engined 5 Turbo.

By David Tarallo

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Whitebox is a German brand specialized in the marketing of 1:24 diecast models. These are models derived from newsstand series but offered in different versions and colours, with a particularly advantageous quality-price ratio. The subjects are both road and racing cars. The 1:24 scale is one of the most appreciated by collectors and one of those with the most historical tradition.