Escala: 1/18
Código de Carmodel: CAR145919
Código del fabricante: LCD18005B-BL
Color: BLACK
Material: die-cast
Año: 2020
EAN: 6971631020818

Disponibilidad: inmediata
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The latest generation Civic Type-R has nothing to do with the previous ones: first of all, a 4-door body is used for the first time; secondly, the engine is no longer aspirated but turbocharged: it is the 1995cc 4-cylinder, which thanks to the supercharger now delivers 320 HP (the latest aspirated versions declared 201). A high-level chassis coupled with a well-designed and very precise suspension system make the Civic Type-R one of the rare really emotional cars in the 40-45,000 euro price range. The 6-speed manual transmission and a not excessive weight (1405 kg) can be two attractive features of the car.

By David Tarallo

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