Escala: 1/18
Código de Carmodel: CAR133104
Código del fabricante: 31388OR
Material: die-cast
Año: 2020
EAN: 8719247626226

Disponibilidad: inmediata
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Being unbeatable value for money, the Shelby GT500 version of the new Mustang is sold for $ 74,000 in the United States; considering its 771 hp and its unique dynamic characteristics, it would be difficult to do better. But there is not only the price among the plus of the GT500. The car represents everything that is considered traditional and unmistakable in the history of American muscle cars: the 5162cc V8 engine is one of the most interesting points of the model, capable of pushing the car from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3 "4 . The maximum speed is also impressive, all for a not exactly featherweight mass: 1916 kg. To optimize the behavior, the manufacturer also offers a Pack Track that includes a more rigid set-up, further developed aerodynamics and very light carbon fiber rims. The transmission of the Shelby GT500 is seven-speed, robotic.

By David Tarallo

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