Escala: 1/12
Código de Carmodel: CAR152953
Código del fabricante: 127511
Color: BLACK
Material: die-cast
Año: 1972
EAN: 3551091275114

Disponibilidad: no disponible
Iva Inc. 139.95
Tipo de cambio: *

The 911S was the uprated version of the 911, and was intended for more skilled owners and racing drivers. The car had a successful career both in rallies and in GT racing, and was to become the reference in the competition world. With a more powerful engine, the 911S went into production in august 1966 and was equipped with the Fuchs wheels that would become a symbol of the Porsche production. The engine of the S developed 160 bhp, 30 more than the standard 911. In the following year, with the different series’ the car was further improved and strengthened. The 911S was put out of production in 1975, when the I-Series replaced the H-Series. In its last version the 911S was fitted with a 2.7 litre engine developing 175 bhp.

By David Tarallo

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