Scale: 1/24
Carmodel code: CAR133075
Manufacturer code: 31527Y
Colour: YELLOW
Material: die-cast
Year: 2020
EAN: 8719247602466

Availability: From 31 Oct
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The new generation of the Corvette announces exceptional performance and road behavior that borders on perfection. Are you all right then? For purists, no; indeed, it is a traumatic change, given that the engine passes from the traditional front position to occupy the central area of ​​the chassis. In short, the C8 adapts to the times (and to the competition?). Perhaps the personality loses a bit, so much so that the car could be mistaken for a "any" Japanese. Yet despite the grimaces of the nostalgic, the C8 is destined to be another classic Corvette.

By David Tarallo

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