Scale: 1/64
Carmodel code: CAR171617
Manufacturer code: 212053052Q41
Colour: RED
Material: die-cast
Year: 2021
EAN: 3467452074398

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The Majorette brand was founded in 1964 by Emile Véron, after the foundation of the Norev brand in 1946. With Majorette the aim was to create a range of small-scale model cars at a reduced price. The idea was successful and the Majorettes were appreciated by a wide range of audiences. Majorette was also a brand that organized an advertising campaign on TV in the 1970s, which was quite rare at the time. After a series of ups and downs and not always profitable changes of ownership, Majorette came under the control of the Simba Dickie group in 2010, which in 2011 moved production to Thailand, also investing massively in prototyping and construction procedures with the help of CAD. Today over 600 people work in Thailand for Majorette, in a 13,000 m2 factory.