Scale: 1/18
Carmodel code: CAR148541
Manufacturer code: 183444
Colour: SILVER
Material: die-cast
Year: 2021
EAN: 3551091834441


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Vat Inc. 94.95
Exchange rate: *

While the AMG GT coupe and roadster, released in 2014 and 2016, were eliminated from the Mercedes catalog, the 4-door version, presented in July 2018, continues its career. This model also received a restyling in June 2021. The new range retains the technical basis of the CLS but improves certain elements such as the adaptive suspension and above all receives a new 3982cc V8 engine fitted to the 63 and 63S versions. The 63 4Matic + has a power of 585hp at 5500 rpm. The GT family will be renewed in 2023 with a brand new coupe based on the same MSA base as the SL. The roadster, on the other hand, will not be replaced.

By David Tarallo

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