Scale: 1/43
Carmodel code: CAR27199
Manufacturer code: PI189
Colour: SILVER
Material: resin
Year: 1963

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In 1963 Rover, which had a long experience in turbine engines, and the Formula 1 manufacturer BRM collaborated on a car that was to win the special award made available by ACO for the first turbine car to exceed 150 miles per hour. average at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The car, derived from the P25 of F1, was a two-seater sport that was deployed in the 24 Hours outside the standings. Driven by Graham Hill and Ritchie Ginther, the Rover-BRM was the protagonist of a smooth race, covering 4172.91km at an average of over 173mph, a result that would have corresponded to a seventh place overall.

By David Tarallo

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