Масштаб: 1/43
Carmodel code: CAR156672
Manufacturer code: F078-154
Материал: смола
Year: 2022
Аннотации: LIMITED 500 ITEMS

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Christian Von Koenigsegg is a completely independent builder based near Helsingborg, Sweden. Since 2000, he has been producing out of the ordinary cars. The Regera is the third model in the current range, after the Jesko and the Regera, an extreme sports car, but with 4 seats. The powertrain is a rechargeable hybrid, with a 1988cc 3-cylinder twin-turbo engine and three electric motors (positioned at the rear), for a total power of 1724 HP. The four-wheel drive are also steering. As for the weight, it approaches two tons, but it has been possible to contain it thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber. The performances are exceptional: from 0 to 100 km / h in 1 "9 and less than 20" to reach 400 km / h. The top speed is 402 km / h. The first deliveries are scheduled for early 2023. The cost? € 1,640,000 approximately.

By David Tarallo

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