NOREV - FERRARI - 308 GTS 1982

Масштаб: 1/18
Carmodel code: CAR144976
Manufacturer code: 187930
Цвет: RED
Материал: die-cast
Year: 1982

Availability: QTR 4/22
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With the Bertone Dino 308 and 208 GT4 models, Ferrari had ushered in a new series of cars, designed around the centrally mounted 90-degree V8 engine. The series continued in 1975 with the 308, equipped with the V8 with a displacement of 2927cc. In 1977 the GTS version was presented, with a removable roof, which greatly contributed to the success of the model, with which Ferrari achieved sales figures never seen before. At the end of 1980 the Bosch injection replaced the carburetors and in 1982 came the adoption of the four valves per cylinder, maintained until the end of production, in 1985.

By David Tarallo

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