OFFICINA-942 - ABARTH - 1500 BIPOSTO (BASE FIAT 1400) 1952

Масштаб: 1/76
Carmodel code: CAR167519
Manufacturer code: ART2043A
Цвет: BLUE
Материал: die-cast
Year: 1952
Аннотации: LIKE TOYS FROM THE 1940s

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Officina 942 is an Italian brand that was born to produce very particular models, initially on a small scale in the style of old 1940s toys. The diecast production was followed by a resin series; the subjects are typical of the pre-war and subsequent years, reproduced with great taste and competence. In 2024, a 1:43 series in the same style made its debut, offering essential models but full of personality and evocative strength.