Масштаб: 1/18
Carmodel code: CAR172473
Manufacturer code: 02409
Материал: die-cast
Year: 1939
EAN: 657440024099

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August Horch (1868-1951) built his first car, fitted with a twin-cylinder engine, in 1900 and starting from 1903 undertook the production of cars with a 4-cylinder engine. Horch also developed after the departure of its founder, who went on to create the Audi (the name Audi is the Latin translation of the German "horch", which literally means "listen"). In 1915 the very rich Horch range consisted of models from 1600 up to 8400cc. In 1926 the 4 cylinders were abandoned, resulting in a series of 8 cylinders in line with double overhead camshafts, designed by Paul Daimler, Gottlieb's son. Horch from that time on only produced 8-cylinder engines (in-line or V), with the exception of an ephemeral V12. Having entered the Auto Union group, Horch was the flagship brand, able to rival Maybach and Mercedes. The 855 roadster with 8-cylinder in-line engine was produced between 1938 and 1939 and today has a very high collecting price, around 800,000 euros.

By David Tarallo

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The Sun Star Group is an international conglomerate founded in 1981 as a company specializing in building construction and decorative fit-out. To meet its corporate diversification strategy, Sun Star entered the car model manufacturing business in 1989, including acquiring the Vitesse brand in 2001. Sun Star has wholly owned subsidiaries and joint ventures in Macao, Hong Kong, China, USA, UK and Japan active in many fields of trade and services.