TECNOMODEL - FERRARI - F1 512 TEAM NART N 14 USA GP (with pilot figure) 1965 PEDRO RODRIGUEZ

Масштаб: 1/18
Carmodel code: CAR159650
Manufacturer code: TMD18-098D
Цвет: RED
Материал: смола
Year: 1965
Аннотации: LIMITED 90 ITEMS

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In parallel with the development of the 158 F.1 V8, Ferrari carried out the project of a 1.5-liter V12 at 180 degrees, which was used on the 512 F.1, brought to its debut by Bandini at the 1964 Mexican GP. of the car quite faithfully traced the characteristics of the 158. The career of the 512 F1 was quite short because the new regulation that went into effect from 1966 (3000cc engines) blocked its use at the end of 1965. Also from the point of view of the results, the 512 F1 did not leave a particular mark in the history of Ferrari, bar a second place at the 1965 Monaco GP.

By David Tarallo

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