SCHUCO - FIAT - 500 ABARTH 595 SS 1965

Scale: 1/18
Carmodel code: CAR163475
Manufacturer code: 450055900
Colour: WHITE
Material: resin
Year: 1965

Availability: QTR 3/24
Vat Inc. 159.95
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The Schuco brand was founded in 1912 in Nuremberg by Heinrich Müller and Heinrich Schreyer. In 1936 Schuco began producing high-quality sheet metal toys with many innovative features. In the 1950s and 1960s, plastic model cars and several diecast ranges were introduced. A series of 1:66 scale models was released in 1969 and a series of 1:43 scale models in 1971. The company was taken over by Gama in 1981, who proposed re-issues of the old Schuco toys; since 1993 the Schuco brand has been used again for 1:43 diecasts. Since 1999, Schuco has been part of the Simba Dickie group and has recently included a whole series of 1:43 resincasts in the range, which have the same construction criteria as the Spark models, which has entered the Simba Dickie orbit.